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Consulate staff, rules
FR-CADN/294PO/B/1-a · Subfile · 1827-01-01-1914-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem

Decrees and orders regardind the distribution of the departments of the Political and Commercial management and the costs of establishment, circulars, poster and fare table for furniture transports, speech, report on diplomatic officers travel expenses, king Louis-Philippe order regarding treaties and conventions between France and foreign countries, correspondence.

FR-CADN/294PO/B/1-d · Subfile · 1843-01-01-1883-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem

Circulars, official report on the consulate archives inventory, dispatches and business records’ inventories, minute describing the first French consul arrival in Jerusalem, firman (authorization granted by a Muslim sovereign) sent to the Jerusalem judge, minute for the Head of the Archives, correspondence, list of consular agencies coming under the consulate in 1848, firmans in Arabic for French consul recognition [handwritten poster], lettre from a "bullied French guy" ("un Français persécuté") to the Police Commissioner of Paris in 1867, expenses slips (1843-1883).
Chronological list of consuls: Lantivy (de) [1843-1845], Jorelle [1846-1848], Botta [1848-1855], Barrère (de) [1856-1870], Crampon [1871-1873], Patrimonio [1873-1881], Langlais [1881-1883].

FR-CADN/294PO/B/2 · File · 1883-01-01-1904-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem

Official reports, correspondence including holidays issues, telegramms, expenses statement, orders, press articles about consul Boppe arrival, welcoming wishes, memos, death announcement, circulars, list of agents in activity for more than three years in 1896, orders.
Chronological list of consuls: Destrées [1883-1885], Ledoux [1885-1897], Auzepy [1898-1901], Daumas [1901-1902], Boppe [1902-1904].

FR-CADN/294PO/B/6 · File · 1831-01-01-1920-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem

6-a. Chancellery business, movement of people and goods.

  • French passports and visas, regulation : circulars, permits (1831-1912) ; signed validation from administrative officers : circulars, correspondence (1844-1906).
  • Transportation of defuncts to France for French citizen who died abroad : circulars, instructions, personal files with correspondence (1856-1920).
  • French nationality for Alsacians and Lorrains : treaty, empty forms, recap about French land losses, statements selecting French nationality (1872).
  • Weapons and munitions : circulars and correspondence about black market, trade and some forbidden weapons (1904-1913).
    6-b. French Charities.
  • « Conférence de Saint Vincent de Paul » (Society of Saint Vincent de Paul), donations : correspondence (1867-1905).
  • « Société de la jeunesse catholique » (Catholic Youth Organisation), foundation : letter (1902).
Local authorities
FR-CADN/294PO/B/7 · File · 1833-01-01-1912-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem
  • Palestine’s sandjak, administration: correspondence between the consul, the ambassador and the Palestine’s governor in Jerusalem (yearly arranged) (1846-1895).
    • Governors of Palestine in Jerusalem, appointement, decoration and departure (personal files): correspondence, El-Ikhlas newspaper [large formats], articles (1869-1912).
    • Jerusalem police: correspondence, press clippings (1890-1896).
    • Request for statistics by Ottoman authorities, census of ruled and protected French people: circulars, lists of names and occupations (by nationality and religion), communiqué, correspondence, press clippings, empty table forms [large format] (1833-1905)
FR-CADN/294PO/B/8 · File · 1893-01-01-1914-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem
  • Palestine railways (Egypt, Tripoli, Mecca, Baghdad, Damas, Jaffa, Syria, Haifa (Caiffa), Hedjaz): press clippings, correspondence, classified letters, reports (1893-1914).
    • Water distribution, tramway, telephone, city map, bank and streetlight in Jerusalem: report on water conveyance from Arroub spring waters, concession request, note about farming in Palestine, abstract from the concession contract, notification of extension of adjudication, bill of specifications, information from Foreign trade national office (1908-1914).
    • Tramway, streelight and port in Jaffa: correspondence (1913-1914).
    • Oil deposits in Palestine: correpondence (1914).
Public health issues
FR-CADN/294PO/B/10 · File · 1822-01-01-1911-12-31
Part of Repatriated documents from the French Consulate in Jerusalem

10-a. Sanitary sea police, regulation: circulars, rules, instructions, decisions and General consul correspondence, reports from the Foreign Office (1822-1910).

10-b. Epidemics

  • Bovine plague: instructions, correspondence (1869-1904).
  • Cholera: press clippings, little poster from the municipality (in Arabic), account, report from Health Council, instruction from the Italian consul in Jerusalem (in Italian), correspondence, telegrams (1902-1908) ;
  • Smpallpox: circular, correspondence (1907-1908) ;
  • Meningitis: correspondence with Ottoman authorities (1909).
  • Quarantine measure: correspondence (1911).

    10-c. Jerusalem Public Health Office: reports, notes, correspondence (1849-1902).