Alliance israélite universelle (AIU)

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Alliance israélite universelle (AIU)

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      Jean-Claude Kuperminc (directeur de la bibliothèque et des archives)



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      27 Avenue de Ségur




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      + 33 (0) 1 55 74 27 80




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      The Universal Israelite Alliance was founded in Paris in 1860 to devote itself to the defence of Jews and the promotion of human rights.

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      Since its creation in 1860, IAU has maintained most of the correspondence between the Central Committee and the teaching staff in its schools around the Mediterranean, the East and the Balkans. Spolished by the Germans during the Second World War, these archives were largely recovered at the time of the Liberation.

      Classified in 1960, they constitute the historical archive fonds (1860-1940), whose inventory is now available on our database. We are currently in the process of reclassifying, repackaging and microfilming this fund, which remains accessible to the public. The Central Committee's minute collection (1860-1976) traces the history of the institution.

      Another part of the archives has a unique history. Confiscated in 1945 by the Soviets from defeated Germany, they were kept by the Russian secret services until their return to IAU in 2000, at the end of bitter negotiations between Paris and Moscow. They constitute the Moscow Fund.

      The Modern Archives cover the period from 1945 to the death of René Cassin in 1976. They are currently in the process of being classified.

      The IAU Delegation Archives in Morocco (1933-1956) contains mainly the correspondence between the Casablanca Delegation and the Central Committee.

      The Private Archives
      Many institutions have wished to entrust their archives to the Alliance: Central Consistory, CRIF, OSE, CECJF, thus allowing their consultation to students and researchers using the library. In the same way, various personalities of Judaism and their families have wished to donate or deposit their personal archives, including: Paul Bauer, Jean Ellissen, Elian Finbert, Henri Hertz, Kruger, Bernard Lazare, Jacques Lazarus, Sarah Leibovici, Edmond Maurice Lévy, Bernard Mélamède, Pierre Mendès France, Salomon Grumbach, Rachel Minc, Louis Oungre and Isidore Simon.

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      Monday-Thurday, 10-18

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      An appointment is needed. Access is subject to the authorization of the library curator after maintenance.

      Some donation or deposit funds require special authorization for consultation.


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      Entry prepared on November 2018.



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