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Dosya 1160, Gömlek 30, August 7, 1908 (Gregorian calendar) - 9 Recep 1326 (Ottoman calendar)

[Temporary English translation]: Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa aspect of the expansion -i transactions of foreigners who provide mail -i declaration against the measures that need to procure in order to be competitive. 1-2: no signature; 3: signed by minister of post and telegraph; 4: signed by Minister of Interior.

Dosya 1173 D, Gömlek 2, July 24, 1878 (Gregorian calendar) - 24 Recep 1295 (Ottoman calendar)

The concession to the planned railroad between Jaffa and Jerusalem has been cancelled, and the statutes of the company that will be formed to carry out the project are being examined. Copies of the relevant documents and ordinances are being dispatched. 1-6, 9-11: den 6 ya kadar, no signature; 7-8: signed by [illegible]..

Dosya 1188, Gömlek 4, August 30, 1891 (Gregorian calendar) - 24 Muharrem 1309 (Ottoman calendar)

Yusuf Nayon Efendi has been issued the concession for operating a railroad between Jaffa and Jerusalem. 1: no signature; 2-3: signed by Public Works and Trade [illegible]; 4: report signed by 8 members of the public works council [illegible]; 5: signed by the council of state [illegible]; 6-7: signed by Public Works of Council .

Dosya 1217, Gömlek 9, June 06, 1904 (Gregorian calendar) - 22 Rebinlevvel 1320 (Ottoman calendar)

[Temporary English translation]: Some provinces of the Ottoman Empire with the bread machine brings Abdulbaki Bey Edirne, Jerusalem, Thessaloniki, Damascus and Aleppo city in the same conditions as in the factory to demand concessions to remove bread. 1: no signature; 2: signed by Abdülbaki Bey, who was Babıâli Tercüme Odası halifesi; 3: signed by Vehbi [Bey], who was Nafia Nazırı; 4: signed by Abdülbaki Bey, who was Babıâli Tercüme Odası halifesi; 5: signed by [illegible], who was governor of Aleppo; 6: signed by Mahmut Bey, who was Jerusalem Mutasarrıfı; 7: signed by Refik Bey, who was governor of Selanik; 8: signed by Mehmed Akif Bey who was yaver-i ekrem; 9: approval of Şehremaneti.

Dosya 1226, Gömlek 20, June 16, 1909 (Gregorian calendar) - 27 Cemaziyelevvel 1327 (Ottoman calendar)

[Temporary English translation]: Jerusalem Aruba water upstream of the transmission from the need of supplies to be taken to the corresponding mebaliğ and masarıf rüsum about istiz that . 1, 41-44: no signature; 2: signed by Interior minister; 3: signed by Trade and Public Works supervision; 4-5: signed by Ali Subhi the governor of Jerusalem; 6-40: document in a foreign language.

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